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[Bug] Certain Cheat Code Combinations Crash Regen?

Posted: Thu Sep 06, 2012 6:12 pm
by Doc Lithius
Alright. I've been trying to figure this out for the last two days now with absolutely no success, so maybe someone here can enlighten me...

I'm trying to make a Regen cheat code file for the game Rockman Megaworld. At the moment, any time I add more than one code set to the DAT file and load it in Regen, the application closes or sometimes crashes. My DAT file doesn't look all that much different from any of the ones that come with the game, yet loading any of those will never, ever crash the emulator. Here's exactly what I'm doing, step-by-step:

- Create a new TXT file.
- Open the TXT file in Notepad and edit the text file to add a code.
- Close Notepad, open Regen v0.972D.
- Load any game.
- Open Cheats and load the DAT file.
- Game client crashes immediately.

For reference, my code list looks like this:

Code: Select all

Name=Automatically Clear Game
1=Rockman Clear,FFCC4A:00FF
2=Rockman 2 Clear,FFCC4B:00FF
3=Rockman 3 Clear,FFCC4C:00FF
4=Wily Tower Clear,FFCC4D:00FF

Name=Have All Weapons (Except Magnet Beam)

Name=Next Level Change is...

Name=And the Next Level is...
1=Cutman Level,00CF56:0000
2=Gutsman Level,00CF56:0001
3=Iceman Level,00CF56:0002
4=Bombman Level,00CF56:0003
5=Fireman Level,00CF56:0004
6=Elecman Level,00CF56:0005
7=Wily Factory 1,00CF56:0006
8=Wily Factory 2,00CF56:0007
9=Wily Factory 3,00CF56:0008
10=Wily Factory 4,00CF56:0009
11=Bubbleman Level,00CF56:0014
12=Airman Level,00CF56:0015
13=Quickman Level,00CF56:0016
14=Heatman Level,00CF56:0017
15=Woodman Level,00CF56:0018
16=Metalman Level,00CF56:0019
17=Flashman Level,00CF56:001A
18=Crashman Level,00CF56:001B
19=Wily Castle 1,00CF56:001C
20=Wily Castle 2,00CF56:001D
21=Wily Castle 3,00CF56:001E
22=Wily Castle 4,00CF56:001F
23=Wily Castle 5,00CF56:0020
24=Wily Castle 6,00CF56:0021
25=Sparkman Level,00CF56:0028
26=Snakeman Level,00CF56:0029
27=Needleman Level,00CF56:002A
28=Hardman Level,00CF56:002B
29=Topman Level,00CF56:002C
30=Geminiman Level,00CF56:002D
31=Magnetman Level,00CF56:002E
32=Shadowman Level,00CF56:002F
33=Sparkman Level Revisited,00CF56:0030
34=Needleman Level Revisited,00CF56:0031
35=Geminiman Level Revisited,00CF56:0032
36=Shadowman Level Revisited,00CF56:0033
37=Breakman Level,00CF56:0034
38=Wily Castle 1,00CF56:0035
39=Wily Castle 2,00CF56:0036
40=Wily Castle 3,00CF56:0037
41=Wily Castle 4,00CF56:0038
42=Wily Castle 5,00CF56:0039
43=Wily Castle 6,00CF56:003A
44=Buster Rod-G Level,00CF56:003C
45=Mega Water-S Level,00CF56:003D
46=Hyperstorm-H Level,00CF56:003E
47=Wily Tower 1,00CF56:003F
48=Wily Tower 2,00CF56:0040
49=Wily Tower 3,00CF56:0041
50=Wily Tower 4,00CF56:0042

Name=Infinite Lives

Name=Rockman Phases Through Enemies/Objects

Name=Fixed Life Energy
1=1 Hit Kills Rockman,FFA3FE:0100
2=Infinite Live Energy,FFA3FE:1C00

Name=Start with Life Energy
1=One Unit,02E65C:0001
2=Double Maximum,02E65C:0038
3=Triple Maximum,02E65C:0054

Name=Weapon Energy Never Decreases

Name=Shots Hit Everything On-Screen

Name=Menu/Game Mode
2=Rockman 2,FFCA77:0001
3=Rockman 3,FFCA77:0002
4=Wily Tower,FFCA77:0003
I've tried having a file with two does, I've tried having one with all eleven, I've tried numbers in between. I've tried actively editing the file while the game is running. I've tried any number of codes with any number of choices and most of the combinations crash the program. I even tried renaming some of the codes to other things, which seemed to work (and seemed to indicate "Name=" fields had to start with certain letters or words...), but later on, doing the same thing made the DAT file crash the program again.

So what, exactly, am I doing wrong? And can it be fixed? I just want to play my game with cheats and an overclocked M68000 chip... (Rockman Megaworld runs perfectly with an overclocked M68K chip, but slows down far, far too much otherwise. Pulseman and Star Control also benefit greatly from this, due to how they were programmed.)

Thanks in advance.[/code]

Posted: Sat Sep 08, 2012 7:55 pm
by King Of Chaos
I've had Regen crash just messing around with the cheats dialog during running games. Same thing happens in Turbo Engine 16 as well.

Posted: Mon Sep 10, 2012 11:06 pm
by Doc Lithius
Well... I've had that happen to me, as well. But the reason I ask about this specific instance is because the game client will consistently crash regardless of what combination of codes are added in the DAT file or what order they're added. It's kind of bumming me out, to be honest. Heh heh.

Posted: Sat Sep 21, 2013 12:42 am
by epguy8x
Doc Lithius wrote:Well... I've had that happen to me, as well. But the reason I ask about this specific instance is because the game client will consistently crash regardless of what combination of codes are added in the DAT file or what order they're added. It's kind of bumming me out, to be honest. Heh heh.
I found your problem Doc Lithius. And I know how to fix your cheats.

Some of your cheats in your first post have the following:

"0=Normal" or "0=Disabled"

these alone will make REGEN crash as I've fully tested and confirmed myself. Regen doesn't understand those.

Solution: change any of these to "0=Off" and save changes. then try playing the game again and load your DAT file. You must only use 0=Off as that's how other DAT files are put that way. all your cheats listed in your DAT file must start off with 0=Off.

I still have unrelated issues with both Rockman Megaworld (J) and Megaman Wily Wars (E) which are Regen can't remember my saved games even with the option "Use SRAM and EEPROM" enabled. I know for sure Kega Fusion remembers my saved progress for those two games but not Regen because I've played them, even after a "hard" reset or power off.