Are there any MD1 schematics?

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Are there any MD1 schematics?

Post by Huge » Sun Dec 26, 2010 2:18 pm

Does anybody have schematics / wiring diagrams for the MD1? I can't find those strange shaped DIN sockets anywhere, so I thought I'd just solder an RGB Scart directly to the motherboard, like I did with my Saturn. Now, on the Saturn, there are numerous junction points where you can "access" the signal, so it's pretty damn easy to do it - just solder the scart wires to the junctions labeled from TP1 to TP11.

I've yet to open my Megadrive to see if this is possible. If there is no simple way to "intercept" the video signal and I'd need to solder directly to the video encoder, I probably won't bother.

The reason I got this idea is because I have a spare Scart female plug and a pirate cart of Streets of Rage 2 that boots in both pal and ntsc modes - but with the ntsc switch, the console messes up the color signal and I get b/w picture only. Now, Streets of Rage 2 in PAL is bloody slow, so I'd need an RGB cable to play it in its full glory.

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Post by HardWareMan » Mon Dec 27, 2010 6:18 am

Already was it. Use search next time.

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