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pad mods

Post by koilazka » Wed Mar 31, 2010 8:18 pm

I was trying to convert a playstation pad into a md pad :roll:

The playstation control pads have little copper jumper circles on the pcb, one for each button, and one to ground each set.
U, D, L, R, Gnd.
T, X, S, C, Gnd.

The MD pads are pritty much the same.
I was going to disassembly the MD pad pcb, make a new little pcb for it, then connect it to the playstation pad jumpers.

I was soldering some new wires to the PS pad jumpers.. The UP jumper came off, so i scratched down a bit, and tryed again.. I couldnt get a connection.

Anyway, i got some new cheap pads, ill try again soon.
I wrote down some schematics, im not sure about all of it.

Im interested in learning how they work digitally, if anyone knows anything.

direct image link

Im pritty much a beginner at analog and digital electronics, but dont hold back, i know some stuff.

// Edit
Been reading the MC74H reference manual..
I think this is how the buttons work but i find it wierd, every wire except Gnd has a positive voltage, im guessing output wires work by draining through the MC outputs (y0 - y3).


I dont know.

// Edit
Image wires
Image sanded
Image test
Image bad pcb board

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