MD portable, Hack possible?

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dr. apocalipsis
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MD portable, Hack possible?

Post by dr. apocalipsis » Wed Jan 07, 2009 4:46 pm


Yesterday, someone present me the portable version of the Megadrive.


The thing works at 60hz, with not so bad LCD screen and far from accurate sound.

Not 24 hours have passed and now I have the guts to see him open. Only one chip doing the thing plus a rom. Shortly after I found a threadin another forum about this, but I think it is abandoned.

The idea is to try to change the rom of the machine to be able to put differents games, because at hardware level is a very good pileup, but the selection of games is embarrassing. Good are just 3-5, the rest being filler.

I saw that TmEE took part in that thread. Wanted to know if something can be counted.

A saludete.

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