Radica / Light Gun Mod Dev Project

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Radica / Light Gun Mod Dev Project

Post by PatTassium » Thu Apr 24, 2008 10:25 pm


I'm new to this forum, but I hope to be trading tips and abilities here for a while to come.

The project I'm considering: At the end, a Morita rifle from starship troopers as a TV lightgun that accepts MD/Gen carts.

This will include several simultaneous mods:
1. I will need to add a 64-pin cart slot to my Radica V1
2. I will need to destroy my Tiger TV Paintball game for sliding stock and part of the case & lightgun guts.
3. I will need to code / hack an existing ROM into a Starship Troopers first person shooter. (either I'm going from scratch OR attempt to hack T2:The arcade game for Genesis)
4. I will need to construct the reprogrammable cart from Raphnet

This is a long-term, weekend project. This is for my own education and amusement. I want something that will really push my limits in programming, graphics, fabrication, & electronics.

Essentially, at the end I'll have a reproduction of the rifle from the movie that, when firing, will have a slide that will kick back. A/V or the S-video upgrade from the guts of the Radica will connect to a TV. With the Radica upgraded to accept carts, it'll be a functioning lightgun sega TV system. Even if I only get that far, and play Lethal Enforcers or T2 I'd be happy with it. However, I'd like to expand my programming/hacking skills with a Troopers game to go with it.

I edit video and generate graphics as a day job, so even if you can't give me advice when/if I ask for it, I'm also available to assist on graphics for your own Dev projects.

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