Sega Scorpion XVI

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Sega Scorpion XVI

Post by Munkyears » Mon Feb 18, 2019 9:45 am

Hey Guys!!

Just wanted to share something!!

A lot of people wont remember these bad boys but for sale on ebay right now is one hell of a rare console.

A Scorpion XVI!!

History wise, this was an amazingly solid clone of the megadrive that retailed in UK stores before getting a huge lawsuit slapped on them by SEGA in the early 90's. Made famous by the TV programme "Bad Influence!" hosted on CITV.

This thing wasnt a regular chinese clone that we see using inferior parts today, This thing actually felt like a well put together machine, Hardware wise I am unsure but I can remember getting on of these from Beatties Electronics in 1997 for around £100.

Considering its at £1700.00 right now, Kind of wishing I could have kept mine!!

If anyone of you rich kingpins want to buy it and make me jealous, Hit the link above!

This sent a course of nostalgia surging round me!! So excited and so upset that I cant afford it!!

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