A New SMS/GG/Colecovision Ripped Music Format!

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Lord Nightmare
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A New SMS/GG/Colecovision Ripped Music Format!

Post by Lord Nightmare » Thu Dec 31, 2009 5:51 am

Kevtris writes:
"Wellll, since no one had made one, I decided to. I came up with a new SMS/GG/CV ripped music format I called SGC. Unlike most of these things I got some rips to back it up.

I ripped no less than 365 sets of music from various games. I have ripped probably 90%+ of the games on the SMS containing FM music also... AND I have tested all these rips on my FPGA synthesizer which now emulates the .SGC format files.

There's over 2000 separate tracks probably here, but I didn't count them.

Blargg came up with some kind of player on the mac, but I'm hoping someone will now come up with a player or winamp plugin for the PC... pretty please :)

The format, as specified, only needs three things to be emulated: A Z80, an SN76489 and optionally a YM2413 if you wish to have the FM sound. I know a few people were highly interested in ripping more tunes if a PC player is made... so prettyplease? Without further ado here is my archive of the rips along with the complete specification document for playing them!


Have fun!

Oh yeah, here's a sample of the outrun FM tune playing off my FPGA. (This file is included in the archive as an .SGC rip)


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Post by crisalex » Sat Feb 18, 2012 8:44 am

Hey frndz m looking for new SMS plz help…

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