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by Miles Prower
Tue Jul 01, 2014 4:56 pm
Forum: Megadrive/Genesis
Topic: Streets of Rage - 3 Players possible?
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Streets of Rage - 3 Players possible?

Sonic Heroes hack is pretty good allowing 3 Players but is it possible
to hack Streets of Rage 1 for 3 Players.
by Miles Prower
Fri Jun 27, 2014 10:01 am
Forum: Exodus
Topic: Bug reports?
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I found a game that doesn't boot called 'Fatal Rewind"
by Miles Prower
Thu Jun 26, 2014 7:36 am
Forum: Exodus
Topic: What's coming in Exodus version 1.1?
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Will the Mastersystem/Power Base converter be supported, since Exodus is emulating both Z80 and SN76489.